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Millions of customers use our site to find home electrification incentives and contractors in one place. Thanks to our partnerships with many Washington cities and counties, your business can be featured on our contractor finder tool for free. It’s the largest, most trusted, and well-endorsed directory of vetted clean-energy contractors.

You’ll receive a full, customizable profile page that’s searchable by customers seeking qualified contractors for their home energy upgrades. Plus, you’ll be eligible to receive free leads from customers who are ready to invest in electrification and energy efficiency projects.

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Join the contractor finder so customers know you’re a qualified contractor who’s part of the rapidly growing Switch Is On network of utilities, governments, product manufacturers and distributors, and contractors.

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When you join, you’ll get a full, customizable profile page that shows customers your:

  • Business name and logo
  • Services and products
  • Rebates and incentive offerings by utility and government programs
  • Google rating
  • Website and contact information
  • License number and incorporation date
  • Location and service territory
  • Certifications

Plus, customers can easily request a quote from you right from your profile! We’ll deliver their name, contact info, and project details to your inbox.

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Anytime you want to make changes to your profile, we’re here to help!

Click the button below to request updates. You’ll need your unique six-digit contractor ID provided by email when your enrollment application was approved.

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