Kitchen appliances

Explore the lineup of all-electric superstars in today's all-electric kitchens

The kitchen of the future, now

Whether you’re a master chef in the making or a repeat reheater of leftovers, the appliances that power your lifestyle are important to consider. Pollution-free electric kitchen appliances come in all shapes, sizes, and colors and knowing what your options are (and what’s worth your time and money) affords you the ability to choose what suits your needs the best.

Cooktops & ranges

Electric cooktops can be alone or accompanied by an oven in a range and come in two flavors: electric resistance (otherwise called “electric”) or induction. Electric works by heating a coil that heats your cookware on contact. Induction works by heating your magnetic cookware directly through an electromagnetic field. Both electric options eliminate indoor air pollution by removing an open gas flame from the equation.

Induction delivers the highest efficiency of them all ranging from 85-90% and because there is no hot coil or flame to touch, it’s safer for you and your family.

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Standalone ovens

Stand-alone ovens are versatile players in our homes and come in a number of different ways to apply the power of electric heat to your food.

Conventional Oven – heat source only

Convection Oven – heat source + fan to circulate heat

Steam Oven – heat source + water to cook with steam

Combination Oven – heat source + fan + water to cook with circulated steam”

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The star of the cookout just got cleaner. Electric grills provide unmatched temperature control and power, clean with ease, and reduce exposure to harmful air pollutants from gas combustion and charcoal.

From standard full-size backyard grills that gather crowds to smaller indoor grills that serve burgers for 1, electric grills come in all shapes and sizes so there’s something for everyone.

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The staple of many Asian cuisines, woks can harness the power of electricity through induction wok hobs with semicircular induction elements that curve to fit the shape of the wok or through flat-bottomed woks that sit on flat electric or induction cooktops. Induction woks can be incredibly high-powered to deliver high temperatures wok cooking demands without the hot kitchen heat they usually deliver.

Quick Tip  Wok cooking on a flat induction cooktop almost always requires a flat-bottomed wok so the pan is able to make sufficient contact with the cooktop’s magnetic field. Woks can be lifted and shaken as needed with heat resuming when the wok is set back on the cooktop.

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