Electric pool heaters


The costs associated with pool heating can often make up a large portion of your monthly bills – which is exactly why energy-efficient pool heaters are so attractive to homeowners looking to save on energy costs.

Whether you are looking to upgrade your gas pool heater, or you are simply looking for the most efficient way to heat a pool, there are plenty of efficient all-electric solutions.

Energy efficient pool heating

There is more than one way to keep your pool at the ideal temperature, without having to burn fossil fuels. Energy efficient heat pump technology and the renewable energy of the sun, through solar panels, can also be utilized for heating your pool.

Heat pump swimming pool heaters

Heat pump technology can be used to heat the air in a home, heat the water in a water heater tank, and keep a pool nice and warm (Ahhhh). Heat pumps do not create heat, they collect ambient heat from the surrounding air, which gives them a large advantage when it comes to efficiency. In general, a heat pump swimming pool heater works best in temperatures above 45ºF, but they can also offer energy savings in most climates.

Solar swimming pool heaters

Radiant solar pool heating is another way to save energy while keeping your pool warm. A solar swimming pool heater pumps the pool water through a filter, and then a series of pipes that are in direct sunlight. These pipes warm the pool water as it moves through, before it is sent to a conventional electric pool heater, which in turn has a much lower heating load to bear.

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