Enrollment Instructions

enrollment workflow

Complete Online form

Confirmation email

take onboarding trainings

approved to Submit Jobs

Getting Ready for Enrollment

Contractors should have the following ready when starting enrollment: 

  1. CSLB license number
  2. Scanned copy of insurance
  3. Have reviewed the Terms & Conditions for program participation (see attached below)

Enrollment Steps

  1. Fill out the enrollment form at the Clean Energy Connection, which is the public facing contractor directory for TECH Clean California. Please be advised that a contractor will have to provide a customer reference to be publicly listed on the Clean Energy Connection. There is a separate listing of TECH enrolled contractors that does not require providing a customer preference. The advantage of being listed on the Clean Energy Connection is that contractors can receive bids directly through their platform.
  2. Sign the TECH Trade Professional Participation Agreement (TPPA) within the online application workflow.
  3. Upload Certificate(s) of Insurance for General Liability, Workers Comp, and Auto policies showing that it meets requirements outlined in the Agreement.
  4. Complete onboarding training. Once the submitted TPPA and certificate of insurance documents have been reviewed, the contractor will be directed to sign up for an account at https://aea.us.org/tech-electrification-knowledge-hub/ and be asked to review a 15-minute onboarding video.
  5. Once the contractor completes the onboarding video, a member of the TECH Clean California team will create a payee account, and username and password to use to submit incentive applications through the incentive platform.

Ready to Get Started?

Fill out the online enrollment form and be sure to select “Yes” for “Would you like to apply for TECH Clean California?”