Why Switch to Electric

Burning fossil fuels like methane gas or propane, for cooking and heating, can significantly contribute to local air pollution and climate change. Electrifying your home by replacing gas appliances with modern electric appliances, helps you live in a cleaner and healthier environment.

The Switch Is On is a consumer inspiration campaign with a mission to equitably electrify communities across the United States. We provide information, resources, and tools to support homeowners and renters to electrify their homes and begin a cleaner, healthier way of powering their lives. We also offer tools for contractors to connect with customers who are looking to electrify their homes.

Improve indoor air quality and safety

No more indoor air pollution and fewer safety risks

Reduce your energy bill

Modern electric appliances help save you money

Energy efficient home

These appliances are 3-5 times as efficient as their gas counterparts

Help the environment

Lower greenhouse gas emissions and reduce your impact for years to come

When switching

Work with a Contractor

  • Make sure your contractor is licensed. You can check a license on the California Contractors State License Board website, or use a pre-vetted contractor in our Contractor Directory.
  • Understand what kind of contractor you need. General contractors typically oversee the work of more than one specialty contractor, while specialty contractors perform specific jobs.
  • In California, there must be a written contract for all home improvement projects over $500 in combined labor and materials costs.
  • Licensed contractors may have access to more incentives than other people, be sure to talk to your contractor about available incentives.
  • Speak with an expert about water heaters, solar or batteries.
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News and Updates

Here’s why Heat Pump Water Heater Day is a Pretty Big Deal

Here’s why Heat Pump Water Heater Day is a Pretty Big Deal

Invisible upgrades, enormous savings

Invisible upgrades, enormous savings


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