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TECH Clean California incentives are available for single-family HVAC projects. Starting October 31, 2023, TECH Clean California’s statewide heat pump water heater incentives are also available. Funds for Central Coast Community Energy’s (3CE) Electrify Your Home (EYH) program have been fully exhausted.

If you’re a customer and want to find a TECH Clean California Participating Contractor, visit the Switch Is On contractor directory.

Program and incentive resources

TECH Clean California Program Flyer

Single-family HVAC Incentives – General Measures Table & Project Checklist

Multifamily Incentives for Heat Pump Water Heaters and Heat Pump HVAC

Heat Pump Water Heater Checklist for Single-Family Homes and Small Businesses

What to Know about Demand Response & Time-of-Use Rates

Commercial Unitary Incentives for Heat Pump Water Heaters

Multifamily Incentives for Unitary and Central Heat Pump Water Heaters

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Single-family Incentives for Heat Pump Water Heaters

TECH Clean California Trade Professional Agreement (TPPA)

Customer Agreement to TECH Clean California Program Terms and Conditions

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TECH Incentive Budget Report

This table summarizes the remaining budgets for TECH Clean California general incentives, which include market-rate single-family incentives as well as multifamily incentives.



  • HVAC – $1,000 per outdoor condensing unit (max 2 per project)


  • Starting at $3,100 with additional opportunities for kickers and higher rates for equity incentives.


Central HPWH

  • Starting at $900/kWh, with additional opportunities for a low GWP kicker and higher rate for equity incentives (Max of $300,000 per project)


Small Business Unitary HPWH

  • $3,100 plus an additional $1,500 kicker if the water heater has a refrigerant with GWP of 150 or less

Large Commercial Unitary HPWH

  • $700/kWh plus an additional kicker of $200/kWh if the water heater has a refrigerant with GWP of 150 or less (Max $50,000 per project)

The below programs offer incentives directly through the TECH Application Clearinghouse on the Iris Platform. This means that contractors do not need to apply for rebates in a separate location, streamlining their experience

Programs include:

Program Name: BayREN Heat Pump Water Heater Contractor Incentive Program

Program Description: The BayREN HPWH contractor incentive program pays $1,000 directly to qualifying contractors for the installation of HPWHs to select Community Choice Aggregator (CCA) customers. Enrolled CCAs include East Bay Community Energy (EBCE), MCE, Silicon Valley Power (SVP), and CleanPowerSF (CPSF). Incentives are only available for customers switching from a gas water heater to a HPWH. More information and the contractor enrollment form can be found at the BAYREN Heat Pump Water Heater (HPWH) Incentive for Participating Contractors website.

Program Name: Central Coast Community Energy (3CE) Electrify Your Home

Program Description: 3CE’s Electrify Your Home program offers rebates for customers switching from a gas appliance to a heat pump appliance to serve their space or water heating needs. Available incentives can be found at the Central Coast Community Energy. Please note, as of 09/22/2023, there are no longer single-family or multifamily incentive funds available from Central Coast Community Energy’s (3CE) Electrify Your Home (EYH) program.

Program Name: Quality Residential HVAC Services Program (QHVAC)

Program Description: The Quality Residential HVAC Services (Quality HVAC) program helps contractors become champions of industry best practices and customer needs. By enrolling, contractors will earn incentives for tiered scopes of services, get ahead of market changes through no-cost trainings, and stay ahead with comprehensive support and resources.

TECH Clean California projects are for EXISTING STRUCTURES. TECH incentives are for retrofit (existing) residential sites only. To see more info about qualifying customers, please visit this site:

TECH Clean California incentives are currently available for the following product types – for some product types you can click the links to view QPLs. Please note, TECH does not maintain excel based lists for HVAC categories due to the size. All HVAC units rated at AHRI conditions that meet the requirements listed in the “qualification information” links will qualify. For a list of AHRI rated units, please reference the AHRI Database.

Please see these articles for more qualification information:

GoGreen Financing helps California homeowners and renters access affordable financing for a broad range of home energy efficiency and electrification measures. Be sure to check out GoGreen Home as a way to help customers finance project costs that are not covered by TECH incentives. Learn more at

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