Here’s why Heat Pump Water Heater Day is a Pretty Big Deal

In celebration of Heat Pump Water Heater Day, we dive into the reasons this technology is such a game changer.

Today, October 25, is Heat Pump Water Heater Day, and all across America people are embracing this joyous occasion by turning their water heaters into superheroes and sharing videos and photos on social media. Wait – did you say heat pump water heater heroes? Yes, and here at Switch Is On, we encourage you to join in the fun, and consider upgrading to a heat pump water heater (HPHW) if you don’t have one already.

Here are the top three reasons to celebrate Heat Pump Water Heater Day.

1. Heat Pump Water Heaters are really efficient! (like, really)

Heat pumps move energy from one place to another, rather than using combustion to create energy. This makes heat pump water heaters THREE TIMES more efficient than the most efficient gas-powered water heaters. 

When you combine this efficiency with technology, you get bonus efficiency. Heat pump water heaters can be programmed to only heat your water during off-peak hours, which saves you money AND provides relief to the grid. It’s a real win-win (and don’t worry, you can use that hot water during peak hours, so cooking, and showers, etc are no problem)!

2. They are getting easier to install!

Manufacturers have stepped up to the challenge of retrofitting gas water heaters to heat pump water heaters, and are now offering 120 volt plug-in water heaters that don’t require a dedicated breaker or a 240 volt plug. This is great for folks with less than 200 amps of service or limited space in their breaker box. Some manufacturers offering plug-in heat pump water heaters include A.O Smith and Rheem, the latter of which was the first to pioneer this technology.

The creativity doesn’t stop there! For people with challenging spaces there are also products that separate the heat pump from the water tank. This is great if you want your heat pump to be in the attic, or if your water heater is in a conditioned space that you don’t want the heat pump to pull from. It is also helpful if your tank space is small. 

And what is easier than having your heat pump water heater paid for?! There are great incentives for heat pump water heaters available right now. Federal tax credits, combined with the statewide TECH Clean California incentives, and other local and regional incentives, often mean that you can install a heat pump water heater for LESS than what a gas-powered water heater would cost. You can find ALL the heat pump water heater incentives available to you using our incentive finder tool. 

3. Heat Pump Water Heaters are a climate solution that leads to cleaner air for everyone

Everyone wants and deserves to breathe clean air .And who doesn’t want a climate-friendly appliance? Heat pump water heaters provide both! 

Methane gas is one of the fastest growing sources of pollution globally.

Heat pumps don’t burn gas, which means they don’t contribute to particulate matter in the air or the formation of smog. Did you know that gas-powered appliances in buildings contribute more to smog in California than cars do?

Additionally, we’ve learned that all gas lines and gas appliances leak raw methane gas, even when they are not being used. That can contribute to both indoor and outdoor pollution. Raw methane is a very powerful climate-warming gas; it is 80 times more powerful than carbon dioxide for the first 10 years that it is in the atmosphere. 

So today, we celebrate heat pump water heaters, the manufacturers who make this technology readily available, the hard-working contractors who work behind the scenes, and all the people who make it easy for customers to transition to this energy efficient water system. 

Don’t forget to check out our heat pump water heater resource hub to discover more about the benefits of heat pump water heaters! 

Thank you to our friends at Advanced Water Heating Initiative for putting together this special day.