Electric outdoor heaters


An outdoor heater is essential for those who prefer to enjoy the fresh outdoor air, even in the colder months. Infrared outdoor heaters provide the warmth you need to enjoy your patio, backyard, or porch, without burning fossil fuels like propane.

All-electric outdoor heating

Most all-electric outdoor heaters use infrared heating, which emits medium-wave infrared heat that warms up the objects around them. Infrared heat is the same heat that you feel coming directly from a fire or a stove burner, which is different from feeling the warm air in a building. As heat is carried through the air, large amounts of it are lost to the surroundings before it can make its way to you. Infrared heating gets the heat to your body more efficiently and uses only electricity! Electric outdoor heaters usually fall into two main categories: high-powered wall-mounted heaters and free standing 120V (120 volt) models.

The benefits of using electricity for outdoor heating

An electric outdoor heater eliminates the need for combustion, which offers a number of benefits:

  • Safer and healthier operation
  • No need to refill a gas tank ever!
  • Fast and efficient heat when you need it
  • More precise temperature control than traditional heaters

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